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Solar Panel Universal 4-corner Drill-free Glue Mounting Brackets for Rv, Marine and Flat Roof Installations - Black


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Brand: Unlimited Solar


  • Can be safely bounded to the surface removing the need to drill holes.
  • Universal and can be used with any aluminum frame panel without any modification.
  • Panels are automatically mounted with adequate ventilation for optimal performance
  • easily glued on with Sikaflex 252, 291 ( Not Included )
  • Includes 4 glue-on corner mounts

Details: Made of UV-resistant ABS plastic, these solar panel mounting brackets are virtually compatible with any aluminum-framed solar panel with a rectangular shape. They not only offer a simple, stylish and cost-effective solution for providing solar panel with a safe and secure placement on motor vehicles, RVs, caravans, boats and roofs, but also support solar panel at its optimal height to allow bottom aeration, thus ensure the solar panel to function at its maximum efficiency. Better yet, a solar panel can be easily and conveniently mounted on these bracket with glue, such as Sikaflex 252 or 291 or alike, no drilling required. Designed for adding extra support to large solar panels with lengths over 40 inches, the U-MO-ABS2-BL is an ideal supplement to U-MO-ABS4-BL corner mount.