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The new technology's in Solar Systems can now drastically reduce your electricity bill while you also benefit the environment.

The Solar Systems are very effective throughout Florida where the sun shines all year round. ATA INTL, CORP, now offers Solar System installation service throughout Florida and for export to Latin America, where it has certified professional installers.
All of our solar panel installers are licensed, trained and insured to work in the state of Florida, we also work with installers in each country where we ship the products to be installed. The solar systems we supply and install in Florida are "hurricane resistant" and approved by Miami-Dade County.

Please include the number of the type of system you would like to install and your address.

Solar Homes Systems, how it works!

1. Fill out the online solar quote for Florida customer only.

2. Your details will be analyzed with 3 different solar power installer in Florida for match your unique requirements.

3. You will fast receive 3 no-obligation quotes from reliable and professional installers in Florida.

Grid Connect System
Grid Connect w/ Battery Storage
Off-grid System
Commercial System
Please, inform us your address and the type of system solar that interests you.