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Type of Solar Systems.:

1)- Solar Home System SHS Off-Grid.
100% THE ENERGY SUPPLY WITHOUT UTILITY GRID NEEDED. Become more independent in the use of energy with intelligent technology from ATA Prefab Kit.

Energy control plays a key role when it comes to an off-grid energy supply. ATA INTL CORP Prefab Kit technology, therefore, ensures that all components are compatible with one another the electricity stored in the batteries is ready for you actual demand and ready for expansion in the future if needed.

Simplicity, Robustness, Flexibility and advantageous prices make household solar systems (SHS: Solar Home Systems) or RV, an attractive option to implement massively for many countries development, which cannot otherwise achieve such energy levels in short and medium term or for inaccessible regions.

ATA INT'L CORP is able to configure these systems using direct current (DC) of using an inverter to feed loads into alternating current (AC) depending on the customers’ needs. Another advantage is the possibility of developing a mixed solution by combining the use of DC and AC loads.

Regardless of the type, these systems feeding individual housing or RV, which make them particularly useful in cases where they are widely dispersed and remote from electrical networks Off-Grid.

ADVANTAGES for a Prefab Kit:

Your property is completely independent of external energy supplies.

Your property now is ready for expanding or change your system on a modular basis at any time.

2)- Solar Home System SHS On Grid Tie,

Grid-intertied Solar Power Without Batteries. It provides you with electricity for all home. It also increases the amount of energy available through the Grid because electricity in excess of what you use is routed into the Grid.

Note: But when the Grid goes down, your house is also without electricity. When the grid goes down you can still run some essential loads ONLY IF YOU HAVE A BACKUP SYSTEM WITH BATTERY OR GENERATOR.

3)- Army Container Camp W/Solar Systems.

The use of mobile solar panel systems as a source of renewable energy makes the difference in areas without access to the electricity grid.

In conflict zones, armies around the world needed an energy input that was typically satisfied with energy produced by diesel equipment. But if they could not reach the area or could not be supplied regularly, other ways of getting electricity where needed.

Solar systems have been designed for police camps in the fight against drugs, military in security and preventive tasks and in situations such as refugee camps all located in areas where there is no infrastructure.

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