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About Us


We are a family owned and operated company located in Doral, Florida, USA lights working with leading solar component manufacturers around the world.

Our clients range from:

North, Central and South America,

The Caribbean Sea and the surrounding islands,


Our expertise and experience are building autonomous Plug & Play systems that are shipped in the crate (solid wooden) and can be installed without certified electrician in Solar Energy:

The example systems we can supply:

Solar street lights,

The solar pumps for Agriculture and Livestock,

The solar pumps for Swimming Pools in Homes and Hotels,

The solar system Off-Grid for Homes, 

The solar system Off-Grid for RV and RV Park,

The solar system Off-Grid for marine, motor boats, sailing boats,

The solar system connected to grid for houses,

The solar system connected to grid for medical positions,

The solar system connected to grid for hospitals,

The solar system connected to grid for schools,

The solar system connected to grid for army or police stations,

The solar system connected to the grid for business.

The solar systems for the mining industry,

The solar + Diesel Hybrid Solar Systems,

The solar system connected to large-scale grid "MW".

We can help you with financing and tax credits for all "qualified" energy systems in the United States and in some cases for export.

Quotes, Where are the Prices?!? - As a manufacturer and distributor, we sell products to both retailers (who resell our products) and end users. We rely on our retailers to provide our products in small quantities to individual customers. Creating quotes allows us to provide the best available pricing structure for each user group without competing with our larger retail customers.