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Solar Systems with PV modules make useful work for you, all time under very low cost for each gallon...

Solar Systems that power directly from a Solar Panel Module or array are called PV-direct, and operate only when the sun is shining.

These systems are less expensive and easier to install than battery-based or grid-tied designs.

They do not require batteries, charge controllers, or inverters, all of which are expensive and reduce overall system efficiency.

The most common Solar Systems "PV-direct" application is:

Be a part of the Smart Water Vending Machine-Solar: We will produce quality drinking water and employment opportunities for thousands of single mothers! Together we can start the Solar Water Purification and Business Creation Revolution! Besides the actual water machine provides the single woman entrepreneur with job training, 100% finance as well as a legally licensed.

ATA Int´l, Corp. is bringing smart innovative technology to produce high quality drinking water to millions of people in the Dominican Republic (D.R) at a lower price and opportunities for thousands of single mothers, which are 75% of women in the D.R, to create small businesses in urban and rural areas, in collaboration with Christian organizations and churches. 98% of the population in the Dominican Republic consume bottled water, that´s 9.8 million people. Prices vary widely, depending on quality and point of sale. During our trip to the DR, we met many Dominican women, like Tata, a hardworking single mother of two with a low paying job, who purchases low-quality contaminated water from trucks “cisterna” that are very popular in the D.R´s poor neighborhoods because they sell their low-quality water at a lower price (US$.80) than the big name brand companies (US$1.65). Besides the “cisterna” trucks, there are approximately 300 out of 500 water bottling companies that operate illegally and sell low-quality water endangering public health, especially that of low-income families. 

OUR SOLUTION!  With our ATA Smart Water Machines with Solar Energy, we will provide high-quality water to low-income families like Tata´s at a more affordable price, while we help single mothers create thousands of jobs and small businesses around the country, who otherwise would not dream of having their own businesses.

The minimum wage in the D.R is USD$175/month. These businesses will provide single moms with at least three times that minimum wage, a very good income that will improve the family´s standard of living. The Country has a poor energy infrastructure with a huge energy shortage. Most of the neighborhoods get their energy cut-off several hours a day, that´s a big challenge for any business.

THE SOLAR SYSTEMS! Our solution: The solar system installed on the ATA Smart Water Machines. The solar system will allow our machines to dispense purified water, while the city grid is cut-off, thus providing a great competitive advantage to our Dominican entrepreneurs. 

☀️ High-quality Solar Panels,

☀️ High-quality Solar Charger,

☀️ High-quality Solar Inverter,

☀️ High-quality Battery AGM free maintenance,

Note: All parts are designed and/or manufactured in the US and configured to be expandable in the future!.

ATA SMART SENSORS! The features also include the following Smart Sensors that will allow us to Control and Monitor the ATA Water Machines from anywhere with smart-phones, tablets, and desktops. Water meter dispenser: Access to Water Usage Data on real-time and historical, Remote & Automatic Water Shut Off protects the machine from significant leak damage, ​Smart Power Meter: Monitor energy consumption, Monitor solar energy production, Energy Metering,  Security & Privacy: The security of your data is important to us.

As such, every connection is encrypted and your data is stored anonymously. Alarm on the door: Night Watchman, for Smart ATA Water Machine with Solar Energy, uses the Pro-Tec Door Alarm to prevent theft. GPS Tracker: It helps us to easily find our Smart ATA Water Machine with Solar Energy with one click in mobile APP and track and map in real-time if the Smart ATA Water Machine with Solar Energy is stolen.

ATA installed a Solar System on each of the 4 machines to make them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

INDEPENDENT TESTING LABORATORY: We test the water quality of each machine before export to the Dominican Republic for independent laboratory certified by the US government: Kappa Laboratories, Inc.

This would certainly help avoid emigration with REAL jobs and Opportunity.

Solar water pumping for livestock,

Solar water pumping for livestock

* Solar water pumping for Irrigation,

* Solar water pumping for domestic use.

Note: If water is what you need, why bother with batteries? Water tanks are far cheaper than the battery in the major case. If you need 24 hours continuous pumping water do you need the batteries in your systems?

Water pumps for PV-direct use come in several varieties:

  • Surface pumps are used to move water from sources like shallow wells, ponds, streams, and tanks, where the pump itself is located no more than 20 feet above the water level. There are many types available; your choice will depend on how much water per day you need to move, how high, and how far.
  • Submersible pumps are for deeper wells, where the pump can’t be installed within 20 feet above the water level. These pumps are suspended below the water level in the well and connected to an output pipe that extends up to the surface. Once again, the right pump for your application depends on your needs for the quantity of water and pumping height and distance.
  • Circulation pumps are used to move water around in a closed system, such as solar water heating for domestic water, space heating, pool, or spa. They generally lift water only a short height.

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