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DC-Solar Refrigerator 9.2 cu ft

DC-Solar Refrigerator 9.2 cu ft


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Brand: EcoSolarCool

Color: Metallic Gray


  • This listing is for the new 9.2 cu ft Metallic Gray EcoSolarCool DC solar refrigerator.
  • Uses one 46Ah 12v battery/ day. Operates on 12 or 24 DC volts. No converters required. It is reported to be the most efficient solar refrigerator when it was tested alongside two of the other major brands also currently listed on Amazon. The comparison testing was conducted by a large solar supply distributor on the west coast.
  • They are extremely energy efficient and will save you money on your power bill*. You will require a solar panel, battery and 15 amp solar charge controller to operate this refrigerator. Please contact us stating the city where your fridge will be used and we will advise on the necessary solar panel and battery required.
  • It may take up to 4 weeks to ship depending on where you are located.
  • Please note, we now ship to Alaska. For Hawaii orders, please contact EcoSolarCool the manufacturer for details of your local dealer

Details: 9.2 cu ft EcoSolarCool Upright Solar Powered (DC) Refrigerator (Metallic Gray). MADE IN EUROPE. FULLY CSA & UL250 CERTIFIED from top to bottom (unlike other Canadian DC solar powered refrigerators that claim to be CSA & UL certified but only the DC compressors are certified). Danfoss/ Secop DC Compressor. Only 1 unit 100Ah 12v battery required (refrigerator uses 46Ah 12v of battery per day @ 25°C/77°F Ambient Temp) to power this refrigerator 24/7. Power consumption is 0.55kWh/ day. Available to ship from February 2017. This product has a small upper freezer chamber and a lower refrigerator cabinet. They can be used in various environments within domestic and commercial applications. They come with DC compressors and the refrigerant (R134a) is environmentally friendly. This refrigerator is fitted with an energy saving device, which enables optimum energy efficiency. They are low maintenance , eco-friendly, they have a long service life.