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12V DC Solar Refrigerator Both Way to Charge 42L/166L CSR--238 (Bigger Capacity)

12V DC Solar Refrigerator Both Way to Charge 42L/166L CSR--238 (Bigger Capacity)


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Brand: COWIN


  • ★[Unique and Practical Design]: Cowin's 12V DC solar refrigerator can be powered with DC from solar panel when the sun is shining, and can also be connected to and powered by AC power adapter during periods of low sun or night. Our fridge has voltage and short circuit protection, temperature control, and interior lighting.
  • ★[Energy Efficient and Cost Effective]: Cowin's solar refrigerator will save consumers money on their electricity bills in two ways. First, DC power from the solar panel is free since it is not coming from the grid, and second, our fridge is energy efficient so when AC power needs to be used from the grid, minimal energy is used to power the fridge.
  • ★[Battery Charging Capability]: Our appliances are compatible with 12V / (80-200)AH batteries. A fully charged 12V / 100AH battery for example can power the refrigerator continuously for 31 hours with no other power sources. (NOTE Product does not come with battery).
  • ★[Demension]: Frige :21.6*22*56.7in ; Solar Panel: 58.3*26.4*1.4in
  • ★[Package Deal]: The refrigerator comes with 150W solar panel and an AC 100-240V power adapter. Please contact us with queries or any issues with installation. We will respond within 24 hours.

Publisher: Cowin Solar

Details: Application for DC fridge
▲Solar&Wind Energy Motorhouse&RV Boats and Marine
▲Commerical Transport Medical Clinics Remote Homes
▲Cabins Eco-Resorts Remote Stores Micro-enterprises
▲Disaster Preparedness Farms Villages Islands&Beach
▲Traveling Vendors Beverage Vending Churches&Schools

Connect the fride to DC power
▲The fridge can be operated with 12V
▲Input DC voltage should be according as the silver sticker near the fridge's socket
▲Working voltage range:10.5V-15V
▲Over-voltage could cause damage to the electronics of the unit
▲As a protection for your battery,the fridge switches off automatically if the voltage is not sufficient (12V:10.5V)

Packing Size for Refrigerator
Packing Size for Solar Panel
Packing With Wooden Box
Cryogenic temperature:0~10℃/≤-18℃
Averrage power:68W
Refrigerated volume: 42L/166L (1.483cu.ft/5.862cu.ft)