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Pergolas and Outdoor Kitchens

Pergola Florida
Feel Confident From Start to Finish
Before you purchase a Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package, we recommend that you understand as much as possible about the process. Most home owners are not too familiar with fencing - after all, you don't need to buy a Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package very often. Our objective is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your project.
Step 1: Initial Inquiry.
Contact us by completing our online form on Facebook or our WEB, call or email us. We will collect your contact information, and discuss the details of your Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package project including the layout, type and style and any specific circumstances you are in that we can accommodate. If we are able to, based on the information you provide, we can give you a 'ball park' estimate.
Step 2: Sales Estimate.
When you are ready, we'll schedule an appointment for our sales representatives to meet with you at the property where the Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package will be installed. They will review and measure your location, talk with you about the purpose of the project, and help you select the type and style of Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package that would best suit your needs.
Step 3: Written Proposal.
You will receive a written proposal within 1-3 days following the sales estimate.

Outdoor Kitchen
Step 4: Sales Contract.
When you are ready to proceed, you can sign the contract and submit it to us via email or post with the appropriate deposit outlined in the contract.

Step 5: Installation Lead Time.
Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, we will order the materials for your Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package included all Appliances and begin fabrication. Our lead times usually range from 1-2 weeks. During the lead time, we will make any agreed upon and necessary measures to secure permission and your installation if needed.

Step 6: Installation.
We will contact you a few days before your install. We ask that you are available for approximately 15-30 minutes on the first day of the install for one final review of the layout of your Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen or package, and final gate placement.
Note: A typical residential install takes approximately 2-7 days.

Step 7: Completion.
Once the installation is complete, the installation foreman will review the job with you to ensure that the installation meets your satisfaction. The foreman will submit an invoice to you for the balance that is due. If possible, please give the install foreman a Check or Cash for the appropriate amount at this time or call our office during normal business hours to process the transaction via a virtual terminal.

Step 8: Feedback
We value your feedback! You can leave feedback about your experience with us on our Facebook or WEB (Look Down).

Step 9: Turn your Project into a source of income ...
If you can become an ambassador of ours by being proud of your project showing, explaining the process from hiring to finalization to your friends and family and opting compensation for each referral brought by you...
Never had your parties been a better opportunity to earn money...
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