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The ATA LED STANDARD SERIES is a result of many years of technological innovation: The development of power electronics, the evolution of solar cells, and the increased efficiency of the light emitting diodes (LED) have encouraged the development of a product that shows new paths to efficiency and sustainability.

Solar Light's for Roadway and Parking

+ Robust: 13 hours a day without reducing intensity, more energy with MPPT controller, over three days of battery autonomy, optics,  LEDs with IP 66 protection.

+ Easy: Semi-assembled and factory tested, only 3 connectors for installation.

+ Flexible: Configurable to your requirements, ideal for urban and rural environments, with optical type II, III, IV, V, and variations optimized.

+ Ecological: Uses photovoltaic solar energy, autonomous, 100% independent from the grid, over 40% in energy savings.

+ Economic: No trenching or cabling, reduces replacement cost, lights brighter with less consumption.


  • Ultra high-efficiency LED luminaire for maximizing light output for off-the-grid lighting.
  • No line voltage, trenching or metering.
  • No electrical charges.
  • DC to DC converter designed to work with solar panels and batteries provided.
  • Sustainable Design:
  • Use of recycled and recyclable corrosion resistant materials.
  • Full cutoff optics meet Dark Sky requirements.
  • Holistic Thermal Design:
  • Use of premium grade alloys for enhanced thermal conduction.
  • Electronics are isolated and sealed from the optical chamber.
  • Typical Applications Include:
  • Road •City Streets •Campuses.
  • Residential Streets •Parking Lots.

Shipping "Fully assembled"

1 Box equal to 2 Unit. The post is not included.

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